Healthcare can’t be a one size fits all

People in the south have differences in health that are not only avoidable but unfair and unjust. Improving health outcomes can’t be a one size fits all approach for different people and places.

A priority for me as a Southern DHB board member will be to ensure we deliver equitable health outcomes for all those throughout Southland and Queenstown.

To make things fair and just, healthcare provision in the south must:

  • Put people in the centre of the system – not management and practitioners
  • Measure performance and value by lifting health outcomes for the disadvantaged
  • Provide services closer to home with well-designed and integrated pathways to take people through our health system.

What will success look like?

That will only be when our health system delivers the same health and wellbeing outcomes to all people no matter where they live, who they are or what they have.

We are clearly a long way from achieving this vision.

We need transformational leadership to drive changes in the system.

I will advocate for:

  • Better use of evidence about real people and real places to make decisions regarding health allocations across our region
  • Accountability for health equity by shifting from aspirational equity goals to including equity targets and reporting of equity outcomes
  • Partnerships with community and health groups to optimise people’s pathways through our health system and better understand what’s happening on the ground.

Let’s put an end to postcode discrimination in our health system.

Let’s make health happen.

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Authorised by Benje Patterson, 5 Ashenhurst Way, Lower Shotover, Queenstown.