Healthy homes, healthy people

Housing is a basic human right, but many homes are draughty and cold, which leads to poor health outcomes.

Cold, damp and mouldy houses impact our health in several ways. Colder temperatures can make it harder to breath and our heart function can be affected. Damp housing can also make asthma symptoms worse.

Any intervention that makes a house warmer, drier or safer has the potential to improve physical and mental health.

I will ensure social issues related to housing that affect our health are on the DHB agenda.

I will advocate for a comprehensive study of the state of housing in the south. The findings of the study will be used to inform the SDHB’s partnerships with community providers that facilitate insulation and heating subsidies from central government.

We can’t wait for government to tell us about the state of our housing and how that affects health – look at how they botched the Census.

Let’s make health happen.

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Authorised by Benje Patterson, 5 Ashenhurst Way, Lower Shotover, Queenstown.