Diversifying Queenstown from reliance on a single industry

It was a pleasure to contribute to a recent article on “Reinventing Queenstown”.

The article took a deep look into Queenstown’s economy and how it is diversifying its way to a more resilient future. Tourism will always play an important role in our local economy, but many of the same things which attract tourists also bring talented people to our neck of the woods to work, play, live, and do business.

A succinct overview of the article can be found in the following video.

If you want to learn more, then I highly recommend reading Daisy Hudson’s article (available here) and casting an eye through my original research into diversification of the Queenstown-Lakes economy. The research not only assessed the current state of diversification in Queenstown-Lakes, but it evaluated international literature and global case studies to identify the key building blocks of regional diversification strategies.