Benje Patterson is an economist, strategist and storyteller. He is passionate about the regions.

Benje specialises in using regional insights to empower businesses, local authorities, and development agencies to make better decisions and monitor outcomes that matter. He works well with staff, leaders and elected officials alike.

Benje has worked with virtually every local authority and economic development agency in New Zealand over recent years.

This experience has given Benje an unparalleled awareness of what regional economic data is available. He not only has a firm grasp of what information others use, but also has a detailed understanding of the breadth and quality of regional economic data that is available from both commercial and central government sources.

Benje can assist your organisation in a variety of ways:

  • Region and industry-focused research and reports tailored to your needs
  • Policy assessments and strategic analysis
  • Professional development workshops for teams and leaders
  • Customised contracting for organisations needing extensive regional economic and strategic input but can’t justify a permanent full-time resource
  • In-house briefings at planning sessions, board meetings and to elected officials and other stakeholders
  • KPI reviews to make sure you are efficiently capturing outcomes that matter
  • Wellbeing/living standards audits to ensure consistency of your goals with an inclusive growth agenda and legislative requirements

Benje Patterson is a proud member of Economic Development New Zealand and an approved All-of-Government provider of consultancy services across four sub-categories (finance and economics, human resources, procurement, and policy, research and development).