Kiwifruit, plonk and lamb on par with dairy exports!

MPI recently released a bullish set of primary sector export forecasts. But forget MPI’s headline – the big news for me is that meat and horticultural exports are now as big as dairy exports!

Wow – just let that sink it.

Meat and wool now account for around $10bn per annum of exports, while horticultural exports are set to tip $6bn this year.

By comparison, dairy exports are around $17bn.

The MPI report is a mix of hard analytics of industry investment and supply, alongside the usual crystal ball forecast on price.

The report makes for a pretty good read. It is well worth flicking through and looking at exports on a sector-by-sector basis.

Examining horticulture in more detail shows kiwifruit exports are worth well north of $2bn per annum, while wine is also closing in on the same milestone. To think that these two industries together now have earnings that are on par with lamb, mutton and wool exports.

A full version of the report can be found here.

If you want assistance in understanding what these sector export trends mean for your region then get in touch. Insight like this can be of great assistance when monitoring outcomes and setting strategic priorities for the years ahead.