Māori businesses on track to be a $1 billion export earner

Indigenous entrepreneurship is a global growth trend worth noting. Consumers globally are increasingly gravitating towards goods and services, whose provenance is underpinned by authentic indigenous business structures, practices and stories.

Against this backdrop, New Zealand’s Māori businesses are doing an incredible job on the world stage. Exports by businesses owned by Māori authorities rose 21% in 2021 to total $872 million. By comparison, exports from New Zealand in general rose just 5.6% over the same period.

If this growth trajectory persists then exports by Māori businesses could become a $1 billion contributor to the New Zealand economy by the end of 2022.

Ka pai!

If you are interested in learning more about the role of Māori business in the New Zealand economy then I recommend checking out “Tatauranga umanga Māori – Statistics on Māori businesses” – which are available here from Statistics New Zealand.