Reforesting Arrowtown’s backcountry

Benje Patterson Economics has recently committed to a long-term sponsorship of the Arrowtown Choppers to help support their goal of planting 18,000 native trees in the hills behind Arrowtown over the next three years.

The Arrowtown Choppers initially came together as a bunch of enthusiastic locals, who took to Arrowtown’s backcountry, armed with little more than handsaws to rid the hills of wilding pines. The group has since become even more ambitious and has set its long-term sights on replacing these wilding species with a mix of locally sourced native plants and selective non-spreading exotic trees to enhance Arrowtown’s brilliant autumn colours.

I have participated in several of the Choppers community planting days and when I heard that the group were seeking sponsors it was a no brainer for me to contribute. I am in the hills of Arrowtown running, tramping, and skiing several times a week, and it is exciting to think that in years to come I will be surrounded by native trees during these adventures.

My business is grounded in Arrowtown, my kids are being raised in Arrowtown, and it is important for me to give back to the community that has so warmly welcomed us in. Over the next three years, my business’s support will see almost 1,000 trees planted.

But at the end of the day, it’s not just me that is helping – many other businesses in Arrowtown are contributing. It’s great to see a community coming together for a worthy local cause, and I thank the Arrowtown Choppers for their tireless efforts to reforest our backyard.

Sawpit plantings