Upcoming training sessions in your area

EDNZ’s World of Learning offers the most affordable, best value training for economic developers ever to be provided in New Zealand. Fast becoming the gold standard for economic development practitioners, can you afford to ignore it?  Over 70 courses will be presented throughout 2020.

During March, I will be presenting a couple of different courses throughout the country. You can learn more or sign up here.

The courses are:

Evidence for economic development – beyond GDP

What is GDP? Is it too abstract? Where are the people? Can we even measure GDP reliably in regional New Zealand? Strangely, as an economist, these are questions I ask myself daily. GDP is an oversold concept bandied about and used for purposes it was never intended. Join Benje on a practical journey into regional economics in New Zealand. Where we unshackle ourselves from GDP and put people back into the centre. The focus of this learning module is teaching participants about the practicalities of sourcing data to monitor outcomes that matter in regional New Zealand.

Course dates:

  • 2 March – Christchurch
  • 11 March – Queenstown
  • 18 March – Hamilton
  • 23 March – Wellington
  • 30 March – Auckland

From monitoring to evaluation – a virtuous circle

This course will examine how wellbeing measures can be used to make decisions and prioritise resources in an applied context. Moving away from a narrow focus on economic impacts, and towards a broader suite of wellbeing outcomes has put people back in the centre, but increased the complexity of decision-making. This course will explore objective decision-making processes for economic developers, who are trying to imbed wellbeing ideals into budgeting, project planning, policymaking, and business case writing in an applied setting.

Course dates:

  • 3 March – Christchurch
  • 12 March – Queenstown
  • 19 March – Hamilton
  • 24 March – Wellington
  • 31 March – Auckland

I hope to see you there. To sign up, please visits EDNZ’s WOL website. Or email me if you have any questions.